Peerguardian not updating former hosts of the dating game

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Peerguardian not updating

=============================================================== [ Not Much Anonymity for Unprotected File-Sharers: Researchers Examine P2P Networks The same technology that allows easy sharing of music, movies and other content across a network also allows government and media companies easy access to who is illegally downloading that content.

"Note that it is not our intention here to examine how accurate and comprehensive these lists are, though this would be interesting and challenging future work." ============= "after a quick look through the document, found elsewhere (PDF) (thanks again guys), all their stats are based on a couple of assumptions: that the blocklist contains no false positives, and more importantly, that it fails to contain no address that should be included.

By inducing and then reinforcing paranoia, PG2 does more harm to torrenting than the RIAA, the MPAA and the FBI combined.

I've said it before - if PG2 didn't exist, the MPAA would have invented it.

Look at the results -- it's pretty clear that the vast majority of the items in the list are residential dynamic IP addresses from all over the world.In the meantime, Slyck is currently in the possession of a copy of Blue Tack's IP filter lists, and further investigation into related matters appeared warranted. It's been the subject of debate for quite some time amongst many experts with no real way to test the lists, at least until the Media Defender email leak.The 'Paranoid' e Mule IP filter was retrieved on September 27, 2007.Slyck then decided to test all of the IPs that started with the number 116.The total number of IPs used by Media Defender starting with 116 was 1,474.

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Outpost is also known to cause a problem if you shut down PG2 while it is running. This occurs because of the way Peer Guardian blocks packets, not connections.

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